Li-IQ Casual User Guide

This guide is specific to the Li-IQ Casual entry level laptop battery protection dongle.

For how to access Advanced Features such as Night Mode, Timeout Configurations, Factory Reset and Common Troubleshooting please scroll to the bottom of this page and select the appropriate dropdown. Please note, this dongle is primarily designed and optimized for use with laptops. Although the dongle may be used with other select USB-C based electronic devices, this guide will only provide setup instructions for use with laptops.

Step 1

Open your laptop and make sure it is on. Although not necessary - we recommend you do your first time setup with the laptop on, so you can make sure the Li-IQ Casual is charging correctly (operating as required).

Step 2

Connect your USB-C PD capable power supply to the Li-IQ Casual. We recommend using the power supply that came with your laptop. If you are using a compatible power supply the green indicator LED on the power input side of the dongle should turn on and stay solid.

Step 3

Connect the Li-IQ Casual to your laptop's USB-C charging port or to one of its USB-C ports (if no dedicated USB-C port exists) with a USB-C male to male cable. The laptop indicator LED, on the dongle, should go solid green, indicating a successful connection has been established. The Li-IQ Casual should also automatically start charging your laptop.

Step 4 (optional)

If your Li-IQ Casual does not automatically start charging on plug in, click the button on the dongle to start/restart the charge cycle.

Step 5

The dongle is now fully operational. If at any time you wish to restart charging (force restart) then simply click the button located on the unit. Please note that the Li-IQ Casual is supposed to turn off charging at pre-defined points to maximally protect your battery from wear and degradation, so do not be alarmed if the dongle either turns off or turns on charging by itself.

Step 6 (recommended)

Although your dongle is now fully operational and protecting your battery, we recommend that all first time users read the sections on Manual Charging Restart, View Timeout Settings and Night Mode – as they will provide insights into additional features of the Li-IQ Casual, which most users will find helpful and improve their user experience.