Li-IQ Casual

Entry Level Battery Protection
For the Casual Laptop User

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Intelligence Applied to Daily Charging

Get to know the Li-IQ Casual

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When the Li-IQ Casual detects that your laptop is near fully charged (85-90%) it automatically turns off charging, preventing it from hitting a harmful charge range, and starts to “exercise” your battery. The dongle first let’s your laptop partially discharge, before charging it again, all close to or within your battery’s optimal charging range. This exercise prevents lithium-ion batteries from overcharging and overheating, the two leading causes for battery degradation and wear.

The Li-IQ Casual is the only dongle specifically designed and optimized for laptop charging – automatically detecting and adjusting its charge protection algorithms based on your laptop and its various charging behaviours (in use, lid closed, sleep mode/screensaver etc.).
During regular operation, the dongle should automatically begin protecting your laptop battery, the moment you plug it in. However, if you need to keep charging your laptop, simply click the button located on the dongle, and the Li-IQ Casual will recalibrate itself and charge for a while longer (while never disabling its protection features).

Due to its USB-C backbone the dongle is able to support standard USB-C PD charge profiles, up to and including 65W charging. This ensures that the Li-IQ Casual can operate with the majority of USB-C laptops* available on the market.

Charging with the Li-IQ Casual ensures that your battery** is always happy, conditioned and able to for last years with minimal degradation and wear.

*The Li-IQ Casual is only compatible with USB-C PD capable chargers and electronic devices (laptops, smartphones etc.). The PD charger must be capable of providing at least two (2) valid power contracts and the electronic device must be capable of accepting a valid power contract.

**The Li-IQ Casual is designed and optimized for USB-C based laptop battery protection, however it can be used for other USB-C PD capable chargers and electronic devices such as smartphones. However, due to the laptop focused optimization performed by Lithium-IQ, the individual charge cut-off range may differ for each electronic device.

System Requirements

Power Supply

USB-C PD power supply capable of outputting over 9V to the laptop/Li-IQ Casual (output).


Capable of being powered via USB-C with a standard USB-C PD capable charger



USB-C PD power supply capable of outputting over 9V to the laptop/Li-IQ Casual (output).

Note: The cable is not included with the dongle as standard.


1x USB-C Power In Port (to charger)

1x USB-C Battery Modulation Port (to laptop)

LED Indicators

1x Charger Connection Status LED

1x Laptop Connection Status LED

1x Modulation Status LED (charge/discharge status)


Diameter: 2.74 inches (69.6 mm)

Height: 0.625 inches (15.88 mm)

Weight: 1.48 oz (42 grams)

We Design, Manufacture and Test in Canada That's How We Guarantee Our Quality

A Look Under the Hood

Technology Powering the Li-IQ Casual

The Li-IQ Casual uses a form of Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM) technology which is able to detect the unique charging characteristics of a laptop. CABM is a plug-and-play technology which “exercises” the laptop battery by periodically changing from charging to discharging in a way that lithium-ion batteries prefer to see, keeping them healthier for longer. Through its charge circuit the CABM equipped dongle or adapter detects when the battery is close to being fully charged and disconnects charging. Through normal operation the electronic device then slowly discharges itself, and after a certain – user defined – amount of time the CABM equipped unit starts charging again. Properly configured, a CABM equipped unit can modulate a lithium-ion powered device (laptop, smartphone etc.) near its healthiest charge range of 40-70%.


Step One

When CABM detects that the speed of charge has slowed, it disconnects power, as it indicates the laptop is near a full charge* and soon to be at risk of harmful overcharging.

*Usually between 85%-90% charge


Step Two

CABM allows the laptop's battery to naturally discharge.


Step Three

After a preset amount of time has passed* the dongle initiates the next charge cycle.

*The length of discharge time can be configured by the user

Based on a year of bench testing and experimentation the Li-IQ Casual's calibration matrix and charge algorithms have been optimized to better detect changes in the laptop’s behavior. These changes in behaviour correspond to different charge states of the laptop (max CPU, lid closed, sleep mode, hibernate mode etc.), which can strongly affect its rate of charge. By applying these adjustments the Li-IQ Casual ensures you never need to unplug your laptop to avoid overcharging and wearing down its battery.